Is Tesla Worth It During Today’s Time?


Tesla has really been a stock of true investment strength and weakness as well. The car manufacturer although, one of a kind in its industry, has seen a lot of downs as well as ups. The stock has become a stellar sensation. Leaving car manufacturers like NIO (NIO Limited) and Volkwagon AG (VOW3.DE) to a completely non-competitive edge.

Competitive Edge.

Tesla has been the center of new sustainable technologies in the electrical industry. Let’s name a few of their advantages. First-mover advantage is the definition of Tesla being in the EV industry a lot longer than its competitors. It has strong brand recognition, word of mouth advertising, and a much or expansive charging network that allows it to keep a stronghold of the fuel industry for its current category of automotive transportation. Autonomous driving is the future and Tesla is currently leading that market as well because of its lead access to data that fuels its machine learning algorithm. This algorithm reportedly is ahead of Alphabet’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Waymo and General Motors (NYSE:GM) Cruise as well. Battery power goes the long way and Tesla’s only competition in terms of mileage is its own car range starting from the model S and reaching up to the Model X. Tesla’s market operates such as the Apple market does, their branding matters, and the Tesla followers are glued to the company product and their lifestyle adheres to that brand.

Technical Analysis

Recently the stocks annual volume growth percentage sprung from a meager 20 million last year to a number of 24 million due to the increase in sales volume as well. Tesla has not always seen ups and downs but its recent stock split of 5:1 has increased volume from 20,081,09 to 117,841,900. However, this influx of volume is not something to revel about. The stock has officially fallen back to a lower volume size of 58, 161, 001. The volume is what helps us evaluate price action for stocks.

Price action matters a lot in stocks. That is what defines the basis of investor sentiments and Tesla’s stock returns often have investors on a hinge. Due to recent ups and downs, Tesla has been experiencing more turbulent stock pricing. This stock provides no stock yield with a severely low Equity-to-Debt ratio of 0.26% and is 81.32% lower than its 1033 company close competitors. Tesla’s current P/E ratio is currently behind 701 companies at a total rate of 100% over a trailing period of 12 months. A company that has a high debt ratio rather than equity and has a P/E ratio lower than all its competitors is a phantasm of the stock market. It’s a cool stock to have if you have money to blow. But I would seriously advise against investing in Tesla in the long run. It does not pay or end well for the investor. If you have been investing already for a very long time it is now a good time to sell as investors are running scared and wish to dump the stock after gaining the 5:1 split. So now is the time to actually sell off some of the stock you are holding on to as it makes a good profit hold scheme. Make sure you use a technical method to evaluate the Tesla stock because of an upward and downward shape trend chart.


Tesla’s turbulent growth will often have investors wondering whether to actually give in to the urge. It is this urge that keeps everyone on edge and a company with a low P/E ratio with a high debt rate? This only means investor loss and stock plunging over a period of time. Tesla will settle over time. It is because of its ability to wow its captivators and possible investors through the car technology will always work its charm. However, we need to dig and unearth for ourselves what actually is going behind the financials for Tesla.




| |Writer for technology and finance sectors. Product cycles and new technology trends beat economic cycles. | | Marketing Coordinator/Financial Analyst. | |

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Muhammad S. Shahid

Muhammad S. Shahid

| |Writer for technology and finance sectors. Product cycles and new technology trends beat economic cycles. | | Marketing Coordinator/Financial Analyst. | |

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